The core of DynamR is windtunnel competitions live judging. Connected to your lights, this solution will provide you with all the tools you need to organize competitions or training sessions.


An Infra-Red Sensor set up on the door frame enables you to time your speed rounds to the nearest millisecond.
As soon as the first flyer of the team breaks the light beam (1st event), the timer shall starts. Every single time this light beam is broken or released, DynamR logs this event until the judge in charge of the time pushes 'Stop'. Then, DynamR shall calculate the whole working time of the team between the first and the last event, namely when the last competitor releases the sensor beam while exiting through the door.


We have only kept essentials cables necessary for accuracy : sensor on the door, connection to your lighting system for instantaneous display of the busts...


A single power supply is strictly necessary to operate the system.


The system management does not require any software setup. All you need is a web browser. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox for optimal performance of the user interface.


Connect the system to your flight session management software and use it to flash the lights at the end of the flights.


Wireless remotes controls allow judges to move around.


Compatible with any DMX light systems, you can plug and configure it easily. DMX is an international protocol for light management and control, supported by many controllers, lights or LED stripes. Please check the documentation for more details or drop us an email.


Upload the songs you wish to synchronize with any free rounds.


Once DynamR is connected to internet through your wifi network, available updates will be uploaded and installed automatically.

Et surtout ...



Check out the User Guide !



How to start a round ?

How to modify your lights presets ?

Livestream round display

DynamR is proposing a dedicated live status webpage for livestream integration. The information shown are the same, but the layout is different, to be compatible with your video!

For quality videos, we made available full green, red, blue or transparent backgrounds, which can be easily removed and replaced by videos.

Here is an example with transparent background

Press Enter for Ready Mode, press Space bar to Start the timer





Light system :

We’re not selling the light system anymore, since we do not have any good discount with materials and it’s really different for every tunnels, and some companies are really better than us to sell and install a full light system 😉

We are now working with the DMX protocol to control the lights and are selling an ethernet to dmx adapter with the judging system, it means that if your led stripes are dmx controlled, it’s linkable with our system! It also means that it’s easier to add some LED stripes if you need more lights in your tunnel that you can control with the DynamR controller as well.

We made the choice to give you the materials specifications we need for make the light system compatible with the DynamR controller and let you buy and install it as you want.

We can also introduce you to Wouter (the owner of an awesome lighting company in Netherland : to install everything in your tunnel. Most of the European tunnels are equipped with it 😉

Specifications are:

Full RGB LED Stripes (12 or 24V), with power supply and DMX controllers (1 per stripe)

We recommend those controllers :

Different mounting systems are available, permanent ones, removable ones, with light diffuser, without … anyway, let’s create your own light system and make it dmx controllable 😉

Minimum for a dynamic system is 2 LED stripes for the side lines, splitted in two parts by a ring within the center must be placed at 2m from the net. The 2 center lines can also be full LED stripes, from bottom to top.

A cable emplacement is needed from anti-chamber to the DynamR controller in order to connect the sensor(s) on the door. (4 wires needed)

What does it look like ?


What's in the box ?

All included
1 controller + 5V power supply
1 sensor + reflector + 24V power supply
1 ethernet to dmx adapter + 7V power supply
1 ethernet cable
1 DMX cable (5p male to 3p female)
1 usb sound card
3 remotes
Need more ?
Customize It
(Timer and Status display controller)
2nd sensor
Up to Date
Get the last features
Specials developments
Day rate
Rent it
Day rate for competition renting.